Illume at Eight: Notions on life in-between.  Post-colonialism optional.

I am liminal, inter-cultural, and love cities. I am interested in social justice and international development. I write poetry and short stories. I particularly enjoy stories and narratives that related to life between boundaries, on the fringes, and at the edges and margins of our world.



verb: illume; 3rd person present: illumes; past tense: illumed; past participle: illumed; gerund or present participle: illuming
  1. light up; illuminate.
    “sparks from candles illume our faces”

The title “Illume at Eight” is derived from a Fleetwood Mac song called “Illume,” written by Stevie Nicks:

Illume says the candle that I burn
A reflection in the window
All the way to Point Dune
Illume-like it dances
I am a cliff dweller
From the old school

If you choose to use any content from this blog, please provide a link to the entry you are referencing OR credit simply as “illumeateight.wordpress.com”


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