A woman after my own heart

The Good Wife: Season 4, Ep. 13.  “The Seven Day Rule.”

The Good Wife - Alicia, Peter and Maddie - Religion

In last Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife, campaign manager Eli Gold, who has a penchant for the dramatic, accosts Alicia Florrick on her views regarding her belief in God.   Peter’s new political rival, Maddie, is a self-proclaimed atheist.  It’s implied Alicia has expressed similar views to Maddie when they were star-crossed friends.  Eli asks Alicia if she believes in God.  She responds by saying she has a husband who believes in God, and a daughter who might be Christian.

Quite humorously, Gold asks Alicia if she would believe in God if Jesus walked into her office and performed a miracle — to which she smiled and responded, she would. Gold tells her that voters associate atheists with people protesting against manger scenes outside city hall and that they want someone who’s open-minded, and Alicia is that person.  Voters want, according to Gold, “Saint Alicia.”  Gold may have been satisfied with the possibility that she could believe in a higher power, but later at a campaign event, she answers in the negative to a reporter much to the ire of Gold.

In a few simple scenes, all sorts of questions arise.  What is role of religion in public office?  Is Peter truly a redeemed man, or was he really using religion as a political tool all this time?  Does Alicia really want to get back together with Peter?  As always, Margulies as Alicia does a wonderful job in keeping the viewers on our toes of what she really thinks and is going to do.


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