Alien Bar Scene

A scene in a story I read recently featuring a host of mythological characters in an underground bar, got me thinking about bar scenes in science fiction and fantasy.  The two that immediately came to find were the famous Cantina bar scene in Star Wars and a scene from “Scratch n; Sniff” in Farscape.

Wikipedia writes extensively (and editorially) about the novelty of the Star Wars scene for being one of the first of its kind in terms of vividness and detail, of evoking normalcy and strangeness at the same time.  While the scene has been referenced often enough in popular culture, perhaps the homage I like the most (if even it can be called that) is the club scene (also featuring jazz music) from Farscape’s “Scratch n’ Sniff.”  It’s not the only raucous bar scene featured in the series, but it’s the quirkiest.  What I always enjoyed about Farscape planet-side bar scenes was the colorfulness of the drinks, the unique-shaped glasses, and the especially tongue-in-cheek manner of the characters (for e.g., John Crichton’s dancing).  Besides, it always seemed so smooth and elegant, even if you know someone was about to get hurt.

If anyone is reading this, what’s your favorite bar/club scene in science fiction & fantasy, and why?  Post a clip!


4 thoughts on “Alien Bar Scene

  1. Bar scenes in sci-fi films also lend to them a kind of Western motif. What Western would be complete with some kind of bar/saloon scene? Or at least a trip-to-town-and-general-store scene?

    If a film does not have such a scene, then perhaps it uses the Western as backdrop but not narrative model.

  2. I like the new layout. 20,000+ how old is your blog?

    Oh, for heaven’s sake. I meant to say “What Western would be complete without some kind of bar/saloon scene?”

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