Expanding the color palette

My default is to wear fairly subdued colors – black, khaki, browns, sometimes white.  In those instances (while not rare, is limited to select pieces) I do wear brighter colors, it tends to be a “warming” magenta, saffron, turquoise, or a crazy patterned, color combination that is part of the dress itself.  And red – for the longest time, I wore red like black.  Still, I lean more towards more demure purples, burgundys, darker greens, and navy blues.

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I’ve recently fallen in love with Divya Katdare’s (Reshma Shetty) wardrobe in Royal Pains (USA).  In what seems to be an attempt to enhance summer atmosphere in the Hamptons, the show clothes her in bright blues, pinks, yellows, and greens.  I’m in love with the intensity of the colors – rich, but not neon.  Divya is a little lighter-skinned than I am, however it inspired me to want to wear brighter colors.  Some of the colors probably wouldn’t work for me, but I think most of them (such as those featured above) do.  It’s funny, because I would wear these colors in a sari, but I don’t consider them for regular attire – mangoes, marigolds, emerald greens, ice blues, bright purples, limes, true blues, etc.

I am suddenly more open to trying on versions of colors I wouldn’t have looked twice at before.  I think I may have found brighter colors that work for me, that are not pastels.


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