BSG Re-watch Comment: Season 2, Eps 1-10

1.  Season 2, Episode 2, “Valley of Darkness,” is the first Battlestar Galactica episode I can remember watching.  I was downstairs in our basement and my brother was watching it.  The Cylon Centurions terrorizing Laura Roslin, her hapless assistant Billy, and their armed military escorts, scared the sh** out of me.  I was like “What are you watching?”  I don’t think I could sleep that night without thinking of that mechanized sound (more on BSG sound later) and the glint of clawed hands reaching out for me.  Creepy, creepy!  But from that moment I was hooked.  For a long time, and still, I was just blown away by how good BSG was.
2.  Apparently, I didn’t really see Season 2 properly either.  No wonder I was incredibly confused about the distinction between Boomer and pregnant Sharon (later Sharon Agathon).  They were different. That would be the whole point of many copies. Ohh.  Grace Park’s bland acting doesn’t help either – she’s definitely the weakest link in an otherwise strong ensemble cost, besides Karl “Helo” Agathon (Tahmoh Penikett) and Sam Anders (Michael Trucco), who are also kind of bland, but thankfully gorgeous.
3.  Until yesterday, I didn’t realize who Tahmoh Penikett was.  Helo.  Oh.  He’s half Native American.  BSG has an extremely diverse cast.
4.  Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) is amazing!  How come I didn’t feel this way before?  I don’t think I ever really understood her character very well.  She shines in Season 2 as a protagonist in her own right.  The creators do a great job of making no excuses for her as a fighter pilot on account of the fact that she’s a woman.  In fact, you even start to forget she’s a woman, but you don’t forget she’s attractive – this is feminism at its finest.  Before my re-watch, Number Six (Tricia Helfer) in her various models was my favorite female.  I’ve changed my mind, but I still love Tricia.
5.  I mentioned the Adama/Roslin/Lee triangle before, but there are so many triangles throughout this series!  There’s Lee/Anders/, Starbuck/Lee/Adama, Chief Tyrol/Sharon (of both copies)/Helo.  There are even more to come.
6.  The Kobol arc is very emotionally powerful.  It’s interesting to imagine a civilization that is more complex than ours in complete ruins.  From an archaeological perspective, this take is fascinating.  As the series scripture repeatedly says, everything that has happened has happened before, and will happen again.
7.  BSG borrows heavily from Greek mythology, however, I didn’t quite see how heavily it borrowed from Greek drama and tragedy until now, and theatre in general.  The dramatic irony, the asides, the monologues, the Oedipus Complex(es), the  Deus ex machina(s).  Awesome.


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