BSG Re-watch Comment: Season 1 Eps 3-13

I’m going through BSG a lot faster than I imagined, so here are my thoughts on the remainder of Season 1

1. The episode that introduces Tom Zarek to us is an interesting one on the nature of terrorism v. freedom fighting.  It also tackles human rights issues with respect to prisoners and labor.  There’s also a great intercultural exchange between Billy and Dee, where she says to him: “You cannot tell me about my people.”
2.  Has anyone else every noticed how much smoking is going on in BSG?  So much for promoting public health.  The series boasts more smoking than a 40s film noir.
3.  Dr. Gaius Baltar comes off a lot more sleazy than sexy watching it the second time around.  He also provides some pretty great comic relief with his fantasy visions of Caprica Six (more on this later).
4. Lee Adama’s character is grossly underestimated: complex, subtle, and mysterious.  Lee is full of philosophical ambiguities and follows his own existential code.  The role is masterfully nuanced by actor Jamie Bamber.
5.  We never “see” the death and destruction wreaked on Caprica.  Sharon tells Helo that Cylons came through and picked up all the bodies and put them in an incinerator.  The sheer planetary, radiated emptiness is more unnerving than any on-screen scenes of death would have been.
6.  My bad, the tension between Baltar and Starbuck does go somewhere – just nowhere good.
7.  I just have to say Season 2 makes so much more sense now.  I did see Season 1 before, but in a hurry up and catch-up kind of mine, because I was fairly entrenched in Season 2 by that time.


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