In music and looks, time stands still for Sade

Sade’s new album Soldier of Love is a drink of cool water in the desert.  Her timeless melange of romance, restraint, and lyricality shine through.  Most of the songs would fit comfortably onto one or more of her previous albums.  “Soldier of Love” evokes “Feel no Pain” and “The Moon and the Sky” is a more melancholic take on “Love is Stronger than Pride.”  Yet, none of it is repetitive.  Sparse, perfect.  Sade’s music is as much about the softer and quieter spaces between the instrumentalization as it as about what fills them.  Every now and then we have a compelling groove like “Paradise” or the title track “Soldier of Love” itself.

Sade was on Dancing with the Stars last night and performed the reggae-infused “Babyfather” from her new album followed by “The Sweetest Taboo,” one of my favorite songs.  It’s a hard one to sing, and harder yet live, full of elongated vowels, flats, and suddenly rising and falling timbres.  The close-ups proved that Sade herself looks amazing.  There’s only lived-in maturity in her face; otherwise, I would never be able to tell that she’s a day over 35. 

There’s a quiet storm, and it never felt like this before
There’s a quiet storm that is you


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