Old school glam

Last night, I stumbled across this clip of Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz at the Bones 100th episode party.

It started, because I was thinking how Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees looked a bit like Emily Deschanel in the video Kiss Them for Me.  Which led me to think that Deschanel was a classically pretty woman.  The Bones producers do a terrible job of dressing her.   I don’t think this is intentional, as they dress Tamara Taylor and Michaela Conlin wonderfully.  Deschanel has got this great body but she’s very curvy.  Instead of flattering her figure, her clothes hide them or hug them in all the wrong places, making her look bulky and wide.  Off-set, she tends to look much more beautiful.  The yellow form-fitting dress she’s wearing here totally lights up not just her face but the entire space around her.

I love this clip because Deschanel and Boreanaz are so natural and free with each other.  Notice how they talk over each other with ease and move from chatting about cake to answering the interviewer’s question in a flash.  Sitting Pugs noted that it could be a gag real from an old Hollywood film.  There’s a little bit of Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart in Boreanaz, and a little bit of Lauren Bacall and Katherine Hepburn in Descahnel.  Yet, they are each their own, unique.  I also really love how Emily is scarfing down the cupcake like there is no tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Old school glam

  1. David Boreanaz would get a real kick out of hearing you mention his name in the same breath as Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart. And I agree with you that Deschanel is a classic beauty. It’s fun to watch her with her sister: the classy lady and the valley girl. LOL!

  2. Do you think Deschanel’s just got a lousy wardrobe designer? Or, is it her character that requires squarish pant suits. The female characters in the CSIs and the Law & Orders wear pants and other very Ann Taylor-ish outfits without looking so gender depleted?

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