Asians on Ice

So has anyone noticed the profusion of Asians participating in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver? This phenomenon applies predominantly to speed skating and figure skating. China wins gold and silver medals in pairs figure skating, ending a half-century of Russian dominance. I noted to Sitting Pugs that winter Olympic sports are the new violin and piano. What follows are our observations and a re-enactment of how it probably goes down.

The observations…
Me: Woah, the Khazakstan guy skating now is Korean. There are so many Asians from non-Asian countries if that makes any sense
Sitting Pugs: yes that makes sense! and the American skater’s last name is not…Anglo-Saxon?
Me: i thought he was polish! Evan Lysacek rt?
Me: or Czech And he totally looks European too. Yesterday, the Korean short track coach was standing next to the American short track coach who is Korean, and I was wondering if they were exchanging words in Korean. The Canadian figure skater’s name is Patrick Chan.
Sitting Pugs: It’s pretty crazy
Me: I know! speed skating and figure skating are the new violin and piano
Sitting Pugs: i remember seeing a blonde woman wearing a team China track suit in some kind of skating.

How it probably goes down in these athletes’ houses…
Caveat: I am also Asian… South Asian… and this is more or less how it was in my house about grades.

Me: i can just imagine parents going “you must practice every day!”
Sitting Pugs: wake up 4 o’clock, practice 2 owah go too skoo come home, do homewok practice 2 owah more. No time for fren. you make the fren after yoo go to olympics
Me: and win gol meda. bronze not goo enough
Sitting Pugs: team meadow and individwell meadow. hahahaah. i got bronze in duh makeup. dont bling home a bronze

And just to highlight a few other notable Asians and their respective countries:
Speed-skater Apolo Anton Ohno, who is totally awesome (USA)
Pairs skating gold medalists Shen Xue and Zhao Hangbo, who are married and 31 and 36 respectively. Their story chokes me up. They totally deserved it. (China)
Pairs figure skater Kavaguti Yuko, who is originally Japanese (Russia)
Pairs figure skater Amanda Evora, Filipina (USA)


3 thoughts on “Asians on Ice

  1. Speed-skater Apolo Anton Ohno, who is totally awesome (USA)

    I never realized how awesome he is until Vancouver. His charm had never clicked before with ming.

    Shen Xue and Zhao Hangbo, who are married and 31 and 36 respectively

    Wow. I’d believe that one of them is 31, but the other 36? Amazing. When I first saw “Hangbo,” I thought to myself, “han-bao,” which means “hamburger” in Mandarin.

    Amanda Evora, Filipina (USA)

    Isn’t she delightful? I saw her skate in both programs.

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