Here comes the snow again

Friday afternoon started in Washington, DC.  It was super-cold.  But it wasn’t just that.  It was neither sunny nor completely cloudy.   I should have dressed warmer.  But it wasn’t that either.  The air was cold, dry cold as though the moisture was all sucked in somewhere.  Then I looked up.  There was a thin layer of pockmarked clouds low in the sky, allowing in dim yellow light.  As I was walking down 13th towards I street, I knew what it was, but I wasn’t going to admit it.  It was the way the sky looks and how the air feels right before snow.

“We’re not in Atlanta anymore,” my colleague said to me, as I was indignant upon discovery that the DC area was anticipating a major snow storm.  Apparently, we’re not in Boston anymore either.  Doomsday meteorologist Chad Meyers is predicting 18-28 inches of snow in DC from the comfort of his Atlanta CNN weather studio.  He looks excited.  He’s gloating.  The weather is going to be the news for the next few days.  I hate Chad Meyers.  I miss Atlanta.  And Erica Hill, you’re pretty cool, but where’s Anderson Cooper?

Massive snow in almost-Southern cities doesn’t help the climate change debate, by the way.  The Home Depot is unexpectedly becoming my new favorite place.  Forget Macys, Banana Republic or even Target.  I walked in on the mad rush for shovels, shovels with extensions for cars, a flashlight (in case 30 mph winds and/or heavy snow on branches wipes out power lines), and rock salt.

Home Depot guy to colleague: Ain’t nobody want nothin’ but salt, shovels, and brushes
Me: Is this enough salt for my car?
Colleague: You don’t use it for your car!
Me: No, I mean is it enough for the wheels.  I think they’ll plow my parking lot.
Home Depot guy: That’s plenty.
Me: What do I do with it?
Home Depot guy: You just put some around all your four wheels, back and front.  You just need a little for traction, to get the wheels spinning.  It’s simple!  You’ll be just fine!
Me: Where are the shovels?

I nearly killed myself lifting the 50-pound bag of salt (just under half my weight) into my car when this very kind gentleman not only helped me put it in my car, but relieved me of my shopping cart.  He would have understood had he seen my Georgia license plate.

I exaggerate my snow naiveté.  I spent two years in Boston, including a brutal winter last year.  I evidently brought the weather with me.  Just call me the Snow Queen.  But there I had my boots and jackets, and walked everywhere.  People knew what to do, I didn’t have a car to worry about, and apart from the few hours in which the snow actually fell and during rush hours, the city continued operating as normal.  Sometimes that could be enervating.  There’s no such thing as a snow day.  I get the feeling people have no clue what to do here.

Anyways, I’ve got my water, milk, bread, and chocolate chip cookies, and now I’m bored.  Anyone for tea?  Photos tomorrow for sure.


One thought on “Here comes the snow again

  1. Anyways, I’ve got my water, milk, bread, and chocolate chip cookies, and now I’m bored. Anyone for tea? Photos tomorrow for sure.

    You should end each and every one of your posts with that line.

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