Amsterdam Airport Schipol

At Amsterdam Airport Schipol, if you’re late for your flight, airline personnel (particularly KLM) not only broadcast a polite, but extremely firm announcement that goes…

“Passenger X to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  You are delaying the flight.  Please proceed to Gate Y immediately, or we will proceed to offload your luggage from the aircraft…,”

they personally come looking for you at all the possible gates in the terminal, and confront you face to face even if you look like you could remotely be on that flight, and try to identify people as they’re coming off the moving walkway.  It works.  You have to love the Dutch.  In Afghanistan, Dutch troops have organized bicycle patrols to establish order.  Ingenuous.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

When I disembarked from my Nairobi flight, a fellow American lady teased me about being from the ‘tropics’ as I was wearing sandals. Granted, I *was* wearing a rather subdued salwar khameez, I didn’t appreciate the assumption at 5:30 A.M. in the morning.  I responded, “I live in D.C.  I used to live in Boston.  Actually, I should be immune to the cold.”  She didn’t talk to me after that.  I wish I’d also added, “Atlanta, that’s pretty tropical.”  Post-colonialism optional indeed.


2 thoughts on “Amsterdam Airport Schipol

  1. How is anyone from the tropics without wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt or a hula skirt? And who says, “the tropics” anymore? Apparently the woman from the plane does.

    I like the top photo.

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